Fraternity / Sorority Date Party

Greek Life Events can help your sorority or fraternity chapter come up with a modern take on the traditional date night and plan a night of excitement that will be the talk of the campus.

While frat date functions or a sorority date party might seem like ideas from another era, they can be a great way to enjoy all the best things about college life, meet new people and have a great time. 

Greek Life Events provides pre-planned or customized event services to help you create your chapter’s dream date party. We can do everything from helping to develop an exciting theme, to sorting out the details of transportation and catering or picking the right DJ and entertainment. 

We take care of the details so you can enjoy your event!

Planning a Date Party

College date nights have been a staple of fraternity and sorority activities for years, perhaps because the classics never go out of style!

Traditionally, frat date parties and sorority date parties involved dinner at an off-campus venue and semi-formal attire. However, when it comes to party ideas, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Introducing a novel theme is a great way to bring the sorority date night up to date.


Date Party Themes

The key to making your next sorority or fraternity date party stand out from the rest is a unique and interesting theme.  Here are some date party theme ideas to help your party goers mingle and have a good time:

  • Famous Couples – This idea gives everyone lots of room for interpretation and fun costumes! Superman and Lois Lane, Spiderman and Mary Jane,  or Anthony and Cleopatra are just some of the iconic duos that come to mind.
  • Pick a Decade – This historical theme gives everyone the chance to explore bygone eras. From the Roaring Twenties to the Golden Age of the 1950s to the sex, drugs and rock and roll of the 1960s to the disco of the 1970s, or the hip hop takeover of the 1990s, the twentieth century has a huge cultural legacy to choose from.
  • Pick a Holiday – Easily adaptable to the season, piggybacking of the next upcoming holiday is an easy way for your next sorority or fraternity date night to stay current. You can stick with traditional holiday meanings, or create your own interpretation for a personalized twist.

Venue and Entertainment

After finding a good theme, making sure that you have the perfect venue for your fraternity or sorority date party is essential to making it a success. Greek Life Events will work with you to secure a venue that meets your needs and budget. 

Whether you need a huge banquet hall with a full band or an intimate restaurant with a small DJ setup, we will find you the best deal.

Marketing, Transportation and Logistics

Once you have the theme, venue and entertainment decided, you need to make sure that everyone knows about it. Greek Life Events can also help with any marketing or promotional efforts you want behind your date night event. From posters and banners to an easy-to-use booking system, we will provide everything you need to get the word out and properly plan for the turnout.

Once you confirm a huge crowd, we will see to it that your event’s transportation and logistical needs are handled so you will have nothing left to worry about. Whether you need buses for off-campus transportation, security or clean-up services, Greek Life Events will make it happen.

Greek Life Events

For an unforgettable fraternity or sorority date dash, let Greek Life Events take care of the planning and preparation. Let us know what you want, and we will:

  • Provide a simple booking process
  • Creatively tailor the event to your chapter’s needs
  • Make sure that your event stays within budget
  • Organize every aspect of your event so your day is completely hassle-free

All you have to do is enjoy your event!

Services We Provide


Quit worrying about planning your next Spring Break. We have already done it for you! Transportation, Hotels, Nightly Events, and more!


Whether it’s a day at the ball park or trip to a theme park we have you covered, transportation and tickets.


Whether it’s a party or a house visit, we provide the meals, the entertainment and the coordination for libations. We adhere to any and all special requests you may have in mind. It is our promise that your event is the one everyone talks about the rest of the year.

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Transportation, accommodations, venue, food and the entertainment. This type of event is our specialty from start to finish. We also have a coordinator walk you through the entire process.