Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Events

Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Events

Many people say they’ll keep in touch after graduation, but some forget, others become busy with their own lives, and over time, the result is losing track of those important bonds formed during the college years. 

For that reason, it can be a challenge to organize fun, well-attended, and interesting fraternity and sorority alumni events. However, there are lots of ways it can be done successfully, so those bonds stay strong while helping your chapter continue to thrive over the long term. 

Greek Life is here to help you plan and create unforgettable events that will benefit everyone in your chapter, both alumni and students alike! At Greek Life Events, we are your event guru!

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Types of Events to Engage Alumni

There are a variety of events that will bring alumni back to their alma mater and let them enjoy their glory days, as well as make the experience of new members just as memorable. 

Through these events, Greek Life will help you raise money to re-invest in more creative and entertaining ways to keep chapter rituals and customs alive and full of fun.

Friday Afternoon Lunches

Alumni are often busy with their own careers and social calendars. But a Friday afternoon lunch gives them the opportunity to take a break from work, rekindle their friendships with their chapter’s brothers or sisters, and meet new people! 

Greek Life Events can make these lunches formal, laid-back, even themed with a customized menu. We know that food and drink brings people together, so why not have these lunches tied to one of your chapter’s fundraisers? This is a great way for  alumni to give back and new members to share in your chapter’s mission while continuing to support it. 

Our team can set up and take down any decorations, tables and chairs, as well as book the right entertainment options to give your lunches the right atmosphere.

Want to talk about some ideas or hear some of our own? We’re just a call away.


Students are always working towards their dream career, but lack the appropriate skills or contacts to get their foot in the door. But Greek Life can help you bridge the gap between today’s cohort and the graduate brothers and sisters from years past, all while keeping your chapter’s reputation strong. 

With chapter-hosted workshops, current students can develop skills, gain industry knowledge, and network with alumni, so they can move forward in their lives and make life-long connections. Students often just need an internship or entry-level position to jumpstart their career, and alumni can help them with that.    

Greek Life Events can assist you with booking the ideal venue, providing refreshments, and setting up the area however you need. Greek Life specializes in taking the pressure of and handling the details so you can focus on the big picture.

Talks & Ceremonies

A great way to help the community feel united is through talks and ceremonies. Honor alumni sorority and fraternity members for their achievements by having them speak to current students about what’s going on in their industry, and inspire the current class to find their own unique way of shaping the future. 

Motivational talks, whether on their own or part of a ceremony, empower students to look for opportunities abroad and on campus, particularly within their chapter. 

Greek Life will be there to assist you in any way you need, helping with from the setup, to the takedown, to ensuring your speakers have transportation to and from the event! For help with anything event-related, from ideas or logistics, trust Greek Life to get you there.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many fraternities and sororities make the provision of guidance and support part of their core mission. Greek Life can help your chapter by making the most of your volunteer activities, from fundraisers to calls for donations to book drives. 

Volunteering attracts students and alumni, enabling them to explore leadership opportunities, as well as nurture business and social relationships, all while being committed to their fraternity or sorority. 

Stay organized with our Greek Life team, who will take care of food, drink, and music, as well as book the location and keep track of the merchandise.

The More the Merrier

Sorority and fraternity alumni events don’t have to be only for alumni. Parents, family, and other guests—particularly students not in a chapter—can join the fun! 

From games to decorations to meals, you’ll need a lot of helping hands to ensure these events go off without a hitch. When you work with Greek Life Events, you have full access to our collection of national partners and vendors to make your alumni events the talk of the campus.  

While chapter-only events need to be special, these events need to be extra special to impress students and encourage their membership while demonstrating that they can find their place in your chapter.

Greek Life’s staff will put the company’s 40 years of experience to good use when we assist you in creating fun and engaging events. Our team will strategize on the best ways to stay within your budget without sacrificing on quality.

If you have a different alumni event in mind, feel free to speak with our event planners, so we can make it a reality! We also offer custom and pre-planned event packages that are designed to accommodate your needs.

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Spread the Word

Planning and organizing fun events is all fine and well, but you can’t forget to let people know about them! 

Greek Life Events can also take care of your marketing needs and ensure everyone knows about your alumni events. From writing up announcements in your chapter’s newsletter to posting on social media, our team will remind alumni brothers and sisters to keep the traditions of the chapter alive.

Sorority & Frat Alumni Events Are Easy to Create with Greek Life

As your savvy event planner and guide, Greek Life is flexible and experienced enough to work alongside you on any service you might require, whether that’s transportation, food, drinks, entertainment, ideas or decorations. 

As a full-service fraternity and sorority event management company, we aim to surpass expectations and remove the stress of planning. Together, we will remind alumni members that they joined their chapter for life, and they are always welcome back to show their support, share their experiences, and help new recruits feel at home.

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Services We Provide


Quit worrying about planning your next Spring Break. We have already done it for you! Transportation, Hotels, Nightly Events, and more!


Whether it’s a day at the ball park or trip to a theme park we have you covered, transportation and tickets.


Whether it’s a party or a house visit, we provide the meals, the entertainment and the coordination for libations. We adhere to any and all special requests you may have in mind. It is our promise that your event is the one everyone talks about the rest of the year.

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Transportation, accommodations, venue, food and the entertainment. This type of event is our specialty from start to finish. We also have a coordinator walk you through the entire process.