Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment Event

Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment Event

Fraternity and sorority recruitment involves a lot more than planning cool rush events. While many chapters focus their energy and effort on planning the best rush events, the truth is that successful recruitment events require long-term planning and preparation to recruit the kind of members your chapter wants.

Executing great rush week events starts with a complete understanding of the recruitment process. Many universities have offices of Greek Life that set out policies and guidelines for sorority and fraternity recruitment events, so you should get to know the ins and outs of the rules that will apply to recruitment events at your institution long before rush week.

Although the details may vary slightly from campus to campus, fraternity and sorority recruitment for new members usually involves several rounds:

  • Open House
  • House Tours
  • Preference Round
  • Bid Day
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Open House

The first step is an open house, also sometimes referred to as the “display round,” where each sorority and fraternity present the values and commitments expected of their members. During sorority and frat recruitment, potential new members will visit each chapter on campus, meet some members, and get a sense of the ideals that each chapter stands for.  Potential new members will make a list of the houses they wish to learn more about during the house tours.

House Tours

Also known as the “philanthropy round,” house tours give potential new members the chance to revisit the fraternities and sororities that piqued their interest and acquire more information about them. Potential new members will receive invitations to meet more members before taking in a presentation event on the chapter’s philanthropic and community service initiatives. This step in the process also lets potential pledges receive more information on the financial obligations of each group.

Preference Round

The preference round is the last stage of formal recruitment before bid day. Potential new members will visit only the houses that made an impression on them in the previous two recruitment rounds.

This is a crucial phase of sorority recruitment because it is your chapter’s last chance to sway potential members. The preference round features a special ceremony that will give potential members additional insight into the chapter’s benefits, history and purpose. Also, current members get the chance to tout the merits of joining, and what their sorority or fraternity means to them.  Following the preference round, potential members will then sign bid cards for the fraternity or sorority of their choice.

Bid Day

This is the last step in the recruitment process, when new members find out which sorority or fraternity will take them in as members. After being greeted, fresh recruits are usually taken through a variety of fun activities to help them get to know all the new and returning members.

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Make Your Events Stand Out

As you can see, the sorority recruitment process involves a lot more than planning fraternity rush events or a  fraternity retreat. For new arrivals, this is one time in their introduction to university living that can make a huge difference in the course of their time on campus.

For established sorority chapters, fine-tuning the details of sorority rush events or a sorority retreat is crucial to long-term sustainability and stability. There are a number of steps in the process, and each step is worthy of some diligent planning.

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