Let’s be honest, not all pool parties are created the equally and some just absolutely suck. Personally we’ve seen some amazing events where the event goes from sun up to sun down. Then we’ve also seen some that can’t even make it to 2pm. We’re here to give you the best information to make sure your party is the one everybody talks about on campus (in a good way, of course).

Type of Party

    Whether it is an alumni event, a recruitment event, or a themed party to celebrate something, you have to know the type of party and who’s attending. I mean you cant have a rager with 40-50 year olds and their spouses and possibly children and you cant have a recruitment event without without making sure the office of greek life knows that you’re having that event. So know what type of party you want to throw, it makes everything easier.


Top 3 things you may need:

  • Music (DJ is not required but suggested for sure)

  • Games (Corn Hole, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Nerf Guns)

  • Balls & Floats (beach balls, footballs, tubes, anything that floats to hang out on)

pool scaled

Food and Drink


    Depending on the event, you’re going to need food and drinks, Make sure you have someone checking ID’s for alcohol (No one wants to get in trouble for underage drinking for sure). Beyond that you may want to woo some alumni into donating to the chapter. Maybe cater the event or part of it. If its more of a chill event get some hot dogs, burgers and chips.
No matter what type of event, sober or drunk people get hungry and thirsty. Just grab a bunch of waters just in case someone gets overheated.


    Here is more of a difficult thing to do. This is where we can come in and help or arrange everything for you but basically in order for any event to be successful, you have to have a great strategy for getting the word out. You can rely on message boards on campus, word of mouth or even a Facebook event and hope everyone shows up. The best way to do it though is to well have someone thats done it before come up with a strategy. Over the years one of the things we have done is incentivize people to come to events. Ask yourself, why would I waste a perfectly good Saturday on going to this pool party vs going to the lake or golf or whatever else I could be doing. It all goes back to the type of event you’re planning. Alumni will not drive a couple hours to their old college unless there is a reason to. Freshmen will not go to your event if there is a better one going on at the same time. And if you’re celebrating something make sure your brothers and sisters are on the same page before planning the event. If you want all our tips and tricks feel free to reach out to us, shoot us a DM on Facebook or Instagram just go to the bottom and ask us. We’re here to help.


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