Jump on the Home Workout Train

    Since it seems like everyone that has stepped foot in a gym before is now live streaming their workouts and posting their rep sequences, you have more options than ever to expand your workout arena. Set a goal for yourself to increase your daily activity and track how many days you stick to it. Deciding on a reward for yourself if you meet your goal will help you get up on the days you really aren’t feeling it. Short walks outside are a great starting point and don’t worry, Netflix will be waiting for you when you get back. Peloton is even offering a 90-day free trial and believe it or not, they have yoga and body weight workouts with no equipment required. They don’t even require a credit card number to start the free trial to avoid the painstaking auto-renewal charge (which should not be legal) that we all know so well. 


Read Something You Actually Like


    For those of us that have wrapped up the semester, we are finding ourselves with some extra time on our hands and some extra distance from our favorite outings. This is a great opportunity to remind ourselves that we don’t actually hate reading, we just hate other people telling us what to read. Check out the ebooks at your digital local library or do a book exchange with a friend. Whether you turn to “The Windup Girl” by Paolo Bacigalupi for an equally entertaining and thought provoking sci-fi novel or Ta-Nahisi Coates’ brilliant work of fiction, “The Water Dancer,” you might end up enjoying a break from the viral news segments and TikTok videos that capture the rest of your free moments.

Make a Style Board


    Although we can’t physically hit the stores to shop for next semester’s rush and formal events, we can plan for them. There isn’t a better feeling than having your wardrobe taken care of so you can simply enjoy the event. This is where a style board comes in handy. You can start channeling any type of inspiration, whether it comes from a favorite celebrity style, outdoor landscape, or event scheme. Your style board can be a cork board that you tack pictures on in your room, a photo album in your phone that organizes stylish screenshots or a Pinterest board. A style board can collect anything from dress and accessory ideas to your favorite celebrity fades to get once the barber shop opens back up. Your style board will serve as a collection space for inspiration to grow and transform as you do.

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