We all know life hasn’t been easy the last few months. For anyone in the world. That means that the way we’re going to get things done is going be a little, well, a lot different. Many schools have opted for recruitment to be done online which means we’re going to have to figure out how to get new members by doing things WAY differently than in the past. Here we have the top 3 things to do to crush virtual recruitment and figure out what are needs, and what are not so you can get the best class ever this upcoming spring.

#3 - Bomb Ass Rush Video

    Many of you know every rush we have our videos that showcase some cool things, sororities and the brunches while wearing matching dresses and the best letters a gal can have on her shirts. Fraternities and the Greek Week domination, awesome parties & formals, and of course the sweethearts. But this year you need to do more. not only show those things but showcase WHY you’re the best option. Throw a cool Alumni in that you have, go to the baseball/football/basketball games to show support, show something cool that only your fraternity/sorority does that no one else does on campus. Then throw it on YouTube, link it to all of your social media outlets and share it (preferably the week before recruitment so its fresh on their minds).


#2 - Virtual Happy Hour with the Execs

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    We all have to be on the same page as far as recruitment and it is a team effort. When looking for the right guys or girls to join our organization we need to figure out what our needs are. Were we terrible at academics? Do we need some more pretty people? How about sports, did we blow the flag football championship or do we need some more soccer players? What about leaders, who’s gonna be the next one to step up when we step down? Who are the top tier recruits that we want to target? How do we get to know them etc. etc etc. and Thats just for rush.

You also need to figure out budget, dates, events, and all kinds random stuff that may pop up. Do this so that even if next semester starts off with a bunch of us online staring at a professor (or a TA) babbling on and on about something we hope we need to know in the real world, we still know as soon as campus is open we can hit the ground running with our new members and what our expectations are for the next semester.

#1- Social Media is Key

    This is a no brainer. The best way to recruit right now is to have the best tier follow your fraternity, sorority, and members. Bolster your TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, whatever you use. The more cool stuff you post, the more google brings the recruits to you. Make sure you’re consistent, during your virtual happy hour designate two or three of your execs or members to post at least three or four times a week. If you want to be really aggressive post once a day on each platform and watch the response you get back.

Add all of your social media to your page like this and get more exposure. If you guys need any help with this please send us an email or get on our chatbox. We are here to help. As a bonus, we will even waive your next events processing & planning fees. Just follow us on our social media (links are below) like a picture and shoot us a DM or email asking us how we can help you with Virtual Rush.

Til Next time, and remember we’re all #inthistogether

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